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We fly Drones with Artificial Intelligence that maps roofs, identify and detect roof damage. The technology we use was developed by Loveland Innovations the premier -innovation company that is considered the industry leader in Roof Damage Detection. While many insurance companies are using this technology, most adjusters are still physically viewing the roof themselves, often missing damage that is not seen by the naked eye. The Artificial Intelligence platform views over 50 photos that are taken by our Drones as they gly over the roof in a flight plan (much like a lawn mower) and identify over 7 types of roof damage. Often each photo have multiple damage areas clearly identified. The software prepares an unbais roof damage report. These reports are provided to the property owner and often the insurance adjuster to help support their determination of roof damage. Aerial Roof Inspection has made significant investment in innovative technology systems such as this system from Loveland Innovations. We believe “Knowledge is Power” and our commitment to our property owners, demands that we provide them with the tools to better understand the condition of their roof. We “LEVEL the PLAYING FIELD” when it comes to Roof Insurance Claims and help property owners with their Roof Claims by providing estimates on industry standard, Xactimate Software format.


Many homeowners do not know their roof is damaged, unless it starts leaking. The truth of the matter is that many roofs are damaged way before they start leaking. Think of a automobile tire. As the rubber tire “wears”.. the rubber gets ‘thinner’. The tire is going through “wear and tear”, similar to a roof. Eventually the rubber tire gets “bare spots” where the threads show. (a visible sign of damage). And the time comes when the tire “Blows Out”… and LEAKS the AIR. 

This is exactly the same way a roof wears out. Except the damaged spot “leaks when it rains” and allows water intrusion, resulting in Expensive Interior Damage. 

AERiAL ROOF INSPECTION flys – detects and photographs roof damage. It’s easy to see damage and make remedial roof repairs, perform preventative roof maintenance and help maintain your roof to increase the life expectancy of your roof. 

Insurance Companies are rapidly changing the way they insure Roofs! Reducing the age of roofs they will insure. Some will not insure a roof 10 years old or more, while others will not insure a roof that is 12 years or more, Some will not insure a roof that is 15 years old or more.

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