Roof Damange

Aerial Roof Inspection knows that roof damage comes in many different forms:

  • Wear and Tear   * Loss of Protective Granules   * Wind   * Hail
  • Tree Branches    * Manufacturer’s Defect     * Improper Installation,
  • Nail Back-out      * Flashing Defective    * Creased Shingles
  • Loose Shingles   * Damaged Flashing   * Damaged Gutters

Most Texas homeowners “Look” at their roofs with they “drive” our of their driveway and when they arrive home and “drive” into their driveway.

They never see the ROOF DAMAGE until the Roof Leaks.

Visual Roof Damage to the naked eye might be easy to spot, but more importantly is ROOF DAMAGE that can only be detected with Innovative Roof Technology that uses drone and Artificial Intelligence to identify “Un-Seen” Roof Damage before the Roof Leaks and causes expensive interior damage.

damage detection reports

Aerial Roof Inspection uses the most effective Industry Standard technology that is widely used by the Insurance Industry as providing the most exact, ROOF DAMAGE DETECTION REPORTS.

Homeowners can KNOW FOR SURE…If Their Roof has Damage

Implementation of Preventative Roof Maintenance Can Increase the Roof’s Life Expectancy by the Repair of Damaged Areas.

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